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Five things to watch for as China reports fourth-quarter GDP

Data to be published on Monday will show whether recovery continues to accelerate

Posted on 17 January 2021 | 1:00 am

EU sets out plans to curb reliance on dollar in post-Trump era

Move to reduce vulnerability to US sanctions in wake of battles over Iran policy

Posted on 16 January 2021 | 9:00 am

How Biden’s stimulus plan shook up global markets

Democratic party’s Senate wins boost everything from small-caps to copper while Treasuries sink

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 9:00 pm

US banks signal post-Covid optimism

JPMorgan, Citi and Wells Fargo cite vaccine rollout and better economic outlook

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 7:18 pm

The fate of conferences is not all Zoom and gloom

In-person events will be back and that is — mostly — good news

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 6:21 pm

Irish freight industry warns of Brexit threat to supply chains

Trade group tells government that red tape has led to ‘growing backlog of goods’

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 4:00 pm

Central banks and climate change: all hot air

Saving the planet is easier to say than do.

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 3:24 pm

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily news briefing

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 12:02 pm

Shares in China’s Xiaomi tumble after US investment ban

Washington order means US shareholders in smartphone group could be forced to divest

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 9:55 am

UK at risk of double-dip recession as economy shrinks in November

Contraction less severe than expected as manufacturing and construction grow

Posted on 15 January 2021 | 8:29 am

US says digital taxes in Spain, Austria and UK are discriminatory

Result of investigation into impact on tech firms could pave the way for more tariffs

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 10:58 pm

US blacklists Xiaomi and Cnooc in flurry of actions to counter China

Trump administration announces number of moves with just days remaining in office

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 8:17 pm

The US inflation pressure cooker may be steaming

Investor reappraisal of rising price risks produces some surprising investment results

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 5:34 pm

US sets out new powers to block Chinese technology

Commerce department finalises rules for vetting software and hardware imports

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 5:09 pm

Northern Ireland needs pragmatism, not more political rhetoric, as it faces Brexit

Technical fixes are required to make the UK-EU trade deal work

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 3:25 pm

Northern Ireland loses new Stena ferry as Brexit deal disrupts trade

Vessel switched to Ireland-France route after demand rises from traders wanting to avoid bureaucracy

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 2:30 pm

The carbon tax that Brussels hopes will catch on

EU mechanism might lead to only incremental change but would nudge world in right direction

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 12:53 pm

FirstFT: Today’s top stories

Your daily news briefing

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 12:11 pm

The China challenge

In links between domestic and global economy, big is beautiful

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 10:45 am

TSMC says fixing global auto chip drought is a priority

Company pledges to address worldwide shortage as it reports strong quarterly earnings

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 8:47 am

China trade surplus breaks record monthly level

Demand for medical products during coronavirus pandemic boosts exports by 18.1% in December

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 6:36 am

Joe Biden needs an America-first foreign policy

The new president’s most important decisions will be about the domestic economy

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 5:00 am

Chinese tech groups set to boost country’s listless CDR market

Lenovo and Megvii to sell shares via system launched by Beijing to fanfare three years ago

Posted on 14 January 2021 | 2:36 am

A fiscal policy for all seasons

Spending approaches should be ready for a change in circumstances

Posted on 13 January 2021 | 10:05 pm

Barnier warns post-Brexit border friction is the new normal

In frank interview, EU chief negotiator tells Britain that any lowering of regulatory standards will be punished

Posted on 13 January 2021 | 10:00 pm

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