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Brexit deadlock boils down to conundrum of customs union

Theresa May’s preferred hybrid solution will never fly with the EU

Posted on 17 July 2018 | 3:00 am

IMF warns Trump tariffs could hit global growth by 0.5%

BlackRock chief claims trade tensions pose risk to world stock markets

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 8:56 pm

Britain must stop inflating the biomedical bubble

The drugs sector receives funding out of all proportion to the results it delivers

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 3:33 pm

Trump trade actions mean China policy rethink

Tariff threats strengthen easing case as economy slows, but wholesale retreat unlikely

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 2:03 pm

China can bear more trade pain than America

But there will no winners, only losers, the longer the tit-for-tat continues

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 12:26 pm

How best to respond to Trump’s trade attacks? Just do nothing

Matching the US president tariff for tariff will at some point become counter-productive

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 12:00 pm

Daily briefing: Helsinki hello, France’s triumph, Republic of Wimbledon

Trump arrives in Finland for one-to-one meeting with Russian president

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 11:15 am

Cuba binds its entrepreneurial spirits with red tape

The issuance of new business licences comes with oppressive regulations

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 10:10 am

China extends olive branch to US at summit with EU

Beijing says it does not want to sideline US in quest to preserve global trade system

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 9:47 am

Analysts react as China GDP slows in Q2

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 5:19 am

Austria ramps up push for EU-wide digital tax on Big Tech

Critics say plans deviate from internationally agreed principles

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 3:00 am

Iran eyes Asia buyers to protect oil exports from US sanctions

Tehran looks to China as fears grow over embargo’s impact on the economy

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 3:00 am

China GDP growth slips to 6.7% in second quarter

Deleveraging campaign hits infrastructure spending as impact of trade war looms

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 2:19 am

China GDP growth slows to 6.7% in second quarter

Posted on 16 July 2018 | 2:08 am

China development banks expand links with foreign lenders

Lenders ‘actively co-operating’ with western institutions to spread funding burden

Posted on 15 July 2018 | 11:30 pm

Trade wars may make the Fed less hawkish

Rising inflation and lower growth pose new problems for monetary policy

Posted on 15 July 2018 | 5:43 pm

Trump-Putin summit, Fed chief’s testimony, more US bank earnings

Your FT guide to this week’s big events

Posted on 15 July 2018 | 2:02 pm

Globalised business is a US security issue

A broad group of experts think economic integration with China should be reversed

Posted on 15 July 2018 | 11:02 am

Bond markets signal early end to Fed rate rises

While the central bank hails strength of US economy, traders are not so sure

Posted on 15 July 2018 | 10:27 am

Argentina learns to live with its inflation dragon

Mauricio Macri is all but ignoring stubbornly rising prices as he searches for growth

Posted on 14 July 2018 | 4:00 am

‘Exorbitant privilege’ lends a hand to Trump’s trade tussle

Nervous money flows to the US even if the source of nerves lies in the White House

Posted on 14 July 2018 | 4:00 am

Two-decade slide in emerging market inflation comes to an end

Currency sell-off expected to accelerate pick-up in inflation

Posted on 14 July 2018 | 3:00 am

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