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Quarry & Farmland Re-finance

Whelan Group Investment

"The knowledge and expertise of this group is astounding. The finance structures and processes that are utilised to fund a project will only be understood by very few financiers in Australia." CHARLIE WHELAN - WHELANS GROUP

JWCC has obtained approvals for the refinance of Whelan Group Investment's Quarries and farm land.

The details of the exact nature of the funding cannot be disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.

However the Managing Director of the group of companies Mr. Charlie Whelan will be more than happy to discuss the experience that he has had with J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd.

A note of appreciation written by Charlie will soon be included in our News in Brief Section.

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Whelan Contractors

Whelans Group, comprising of Whelans Earthmoving, Whelans Heavy Haulage and Whelans Quarries.

Website: Whelans Group

Whelans Group Heavy Haulage
Primary industry project finance