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Building And Construction

JW Capital Corporation Pty Ltd mid 2014 undertook on behalf of an International Diamond Company based in Shanghai China to fund a major mining project in South America. Likewise, JWCC successfully obtained approvals for $190,000,000 to fund this mining operation.

Late 2014 early 2015 a Major Development Company also based in Shanghai having mutual ownership interests with the Diamond Mining Company, leveraged off their successes to utilize their approvals for two new major property developments in Anhui Provence.

JW Capital Corporation funding approvals were also successfully achieved for a $200 million USD facility on these sites.

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Aged Care Facility Construction Finance
China - Zhejiang Province

JW Capital Corporation Pty Ltd made their first foray into China in 2008-2009 where they successfully obtained approvals to finance a major luxurious Aged Care Retirement Village, Nursing Home complex requiring $220,000,000 USD funding.

This development an all-encompassing site included a multi-story hotel, fully equipped hospital/medical centre, residential and shopping complex and it was designed on Western concepts to be a futuristic facility to attract the wealthy Chinese elite.

The picturesque canalled waterfront sites was to be their "Shangrila" providing a wide range of activities; theatre, amusement centre, sports, fishing and hobby farming.

The reform of Aged Care system in China came into prominent focus in February 2006, when the Deputy Premier Yuhui Liang, who is also Head of the National Aged Care Working Committee; directed all aged care related departments in the government to formulate strategic planning to speed up the development of aged care support services in China.

It is intended that a comprehensive system is developed to cater for the needs of the elders in terms of food, medicines, medical facilities, education, social and leisure activities. The project is in line with the local economic development and is in harmony with the overall town planning of Pinghu city.