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Strength In Networking

Achieving Results

Referring Finance Brokers

Introducing Brokers

JWCC continues to develop sound relationships with various branches of the finance community to further our business offerings.

We work with both introducers and referring brokers that have professional affiliations referring business to J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd.

Referring Brokers

  • J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd works with both introducers and referring brokers around Australia.

  • Most business is referred to J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd by established brokers around Australia.

  • Our international business is received from our many local and overseas introducers.

  • The broker/introducer deals with it's client at all times.

J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd facilitates transactions that are large in size and have a relatively great degree of difficulty. Some brokers and/or introducers do not have the expertise or experience to handle such transactions especially when it comes to transacting with overseas banks and institutions, this is where JWCC can assist.

Finance Introducers | Finance Referrals

J W Capital Corporation works with both individuals and companies with customized brokerage programs allowing all finance referrals the oppotunity for a successful outcome. Becoming a finance introducer or referring broker allows you all the benefits of access to our alternative funding products. Each finance introducer along with the project referred for brokerage is assesed on their individual merrit.

Broker Finance Referrals

Becoming an financial introducing broker with JWCC gives you the opportuinity to satisfy your clients varied needs, often over and above traditional banking methods and allowing variations in the solutions available to satisfy the project funding requirements.

To enquire about how you can become an introducing broker or referring broker associated with J W Capital Corporation, simply express your interest through our contact form and include a contact phone number for further discussion.

Should you have any transaction that you may wish to discuss with J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd please feel free to contact us and discuss the possibility of making it a successful brokerage opportunity.

If you have a project that requires funding, contact us to see if we can be of any assistance towards your project.

Major Finance Specialist

Specialist in procuring finance for larger construction projects locally and around the world in languages and dollar figures most average financial institutions are not familiar with.

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7 Oct 2013

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