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Funding Considerations

JWCC Funding

Interest Rates and LVR

The rates J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd have achieved for our clients thus far, have in all cases been lower than what the local bank was offering our clients or our clients were able to obtain in the local market. This may have been for a number of reasons. The rate offered is closely linked to the security and the viability of the project. All of the factors listed below are taken into consideration to assess the risk that you and/or your proposition hold.

  • Appraisal of property / Valuation
  • Debt service coverage
  • Income history of property
  • Length of loan
  • Loan amount
  • Loan-to-value ratio (LVR)
  • Management experience
  • Level of Pre-Sales
  • Personal income/credit history

All loans have a risk associated with the borrower and its capacity to repay the debt. The lower the risk the more affordable the financing becomes.

Rates cannot be guaranteed by anyone until the final offer is produced. J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd aim to be on par with or slightly lower than the local rate offered on the various forms of financing. In some cases where the LVR required by the client is higher than what is deemed an acceptable risk, J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd may obtain the requisite finance at slightly higher rates.

We are not suggesting that we will be successful in every instance. All finance applications will be assessed on normal risk ratio calculations and are dependent on the credit policies in place at the time by the specific lending intuition utilised. Contact us to see if you fit within the guide lines of our funding arrangements.

Approximate LVR's

J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd in most instances will be able to obtain higher LVR's than what is being offered by local institutions. The level of LVR varies for each type of project. We suggest you contact us to ascertain the highest LVR that we may be able to obtain for you.

The main advantage in utilising the services of J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd is that you the client may be able to obtain a grater LVR than what you have been offered by your local bank. In many instances this may be the difference between making the project viable or not.

Our Finance Solutions

The following are examples of funding procurement solutions we offer:

  • Construction Finance – Projects over $5 million
  • Standard Refinance – Projects over $5 million
  • Land Bank Finance – Projects over $5 million
  • Alternative Funding – Projects over $20 million with which require structuring
  • Structured Finance – Large projects from $30 million to upwards of $500 million for clients with specific needs
Our Clients

Our clients comprise of builders, developers, entrepreneurs, and YOU.

Any individual or corporation that requires to borrow funds for a specific project:

  • at a higher LVR than what your local bank is prepared to offer you
  • at a similar or lower rate than what your local bank is prepared to offer you
  • with far less red tape than what your local bank requires
  • more structured solutions than your conventional lenders
  • with a quicker settlement process once approved

...should contact us to discuss your project in further detail.

Welcome to JWCC Finance Solutions

Offering finance solutions where the banks simply fail to deliver or wont even consider other project funding options.

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