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History Of The J W Capital Corporation

J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd was registered in January 2007 in Australia. The company was established to undertake the financing of various projects in Australia and throughout South East Asia utilising overseas lenders with the experience of the stakeholders.

The stakeholders possess vast experience in banking, management and bond trading. Utilising this experience J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd acts as a facilitator between various overseas financial institutes, lending institutions, investment trusts, individual investors and its clients.

The Global Financial Crisis necessitated the tightening of credit policies of local banks in Australia and throughout the world. This opened the way for selected overseas banks and finance institutions and trusts that were prepared to finance assets in Australia and throughout Asia Pacific region via their correspondent banks. The underlying reason for this was the stronger economies in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Capitalising on their vast experiences in the finance and business world and their relationships with overseas associates the stakeholders of J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd have been able to take advantage of this opportunity for its clients all over the region.

J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd specialises in structured finance solutions. By utilising the experience of the international institutes, and that of its stakeholders it places the company in a unique position to enable it to create a structured finance solutions to suit the most difficult to finance transactions that most other institutes would term as 'too difficult'.

J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd does not act as a mortgage broker nor a financial advisor and acts purely as a facilitator on commercial transactions.

Since mid 2008 the company has obtained approximately one and a half billion dollars in approvals for various projects, with over One hundred million dollars of projects currently financed underway.

If you are having difficulty in organising the requisite funds for your project contact us.

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Offering finance solutions where the banks simply fail to deliver or wont even consider other project funding options.

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15 Nov 2013

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