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J W Capital Corporation Pty Ltd understands the requirements of business and the need to meander through red tape put in place by institutions. Our varied experience assists our clients with a much smoother transition from application to initial drawdown and completion of the funding.

We help you meet your objectives by providing flexible, robust, best-practice financial models which make the transaction process much smoother.

We will structure each finance proposal in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties. We create financial models that are tailor made, practical and workable in order to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

JWCC has secured over 1.5 billion dollars (US$1,500,000,000.00) worth of approvals for our clients throughout the world over the last 5 years. We have obtained approvals in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

We pride ourselves in professional and personalised service to provide solutions that cater to your specific finance needs.

Our options are wide and varied resulting in a high rate of successfully completed transactions locally and internationally.

If you have a project that requires funding, contact us to see if we can be of any assistance towards your project.

Banks deliver finance at the best rates to the most premium clients. To all others banks can best be described as an institution that provides an umbrella when it is not raining. Furthermore they provide you with the umbrella and take away all of your protective clothing as security. In reality one needs the umbrella when it is raining. The banks criteria is also so strict with such narrow lending options that it has held back many potentially profitable developments purely because of the inability to cater to client's needs. JWCC was formed to deliver to the needs of those who cannot fulfil 100% of the banks requirements for funding.

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Offering finance solutions where the banks simply fail to deliver or wont even consider other project funding options.

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4 Aug 2013

JWCC expands international financing operations to Sri Lanka, China and New Zealand...